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     Javier G. Valdivia 

    My name is Javier, I’m a 63 y.o. retired teacher and I’ve been messing around with guitars and other instruments since I was a boy. Though I’ve participated in some occasional lessons and seminars I’m basically a self-taught musician with all the bad habits and limitations that implies.

    After almost 40 years of dedication to my family and my profession, I’m now the owner of my time and love to have a guitar always at hand to try to learn and practice everything I couldn’t in the past years. I sold my good old Epiphone dreadnought, pretty bulky to take it away with me, and bought myself a nice Taylor GS Mini Mahogany which is the sweetest girl I’ve known in many years; she’s always at hand, in the couch or in the back seat of the car. I’ve learn, maybe pretty late, that if you want to progress in music you cannot play for some hours in your basement studio in the weekends, you have to have your instrument beside you all day long.

    I’m now also dedicating some time to non-standard tunings which I think it’s a must if you want to get really deep into the Blues. I bought an Ibanez AVN9 parlor guitar for the purpose because, and that’s another thing I’ve learn, you can’t be changing the tuning of your main guitar four times a day. You need another one with the right strings to tune it in Open D or DADGAD.

    I just wanted to thank Robbert for the group and the invitation and hope we all can share a lot of stuff here to make our fingers sing…




    Welcome Javier!!! Great story, do you also record your playing? I look forward hearing/seeing it! Thanks for the nice words- I don’t want to forget to also point at Gord Jenkins who is the admin of the FB group page.

     Javier G. Valdivia 

    Thank you Robbert, I used to record and even produce but I’m getting lazier with age. When you listen so many good musicians around you’re getting more humble and shy about your playing. Anyway I promise to share some recordings from time to time 😉

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