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    Make Your Workplace Safe and Sound with Heavy Load Handling Equipment
    Material handling equipments have become way too essential for operating many automated processes for moving the heavy objects between locations. Several manufacturing companies are now using heavy load handling in order to enhance the productivity of their functionality. Usage of heavy handling equipment safeguards the goods from any sort of wear and tear so that the product delivery can’t be hampered.

    Lifting these heavy goods and then transporting it by hand can be injurious increasing the damage risk. More than this, there can be chances of someone dropping the products leading to destruction. Heavy lifting magnets and devices are capable enough to protect the goods from substantial damages. With the help of heavy load handling, you can now lower the risk of the work injury. More than the injuries, manufacturing experience cause the rate of MSDs in workers. MSDs are the injuries that can severely affect the body’s nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, and muscles. Over the years many workers who do the job of manual lifting and transporting heavy loads have complained about being suffered from injuries like back pain.

    Considering heavy material handling equipment protects workers from this back pain caused by MSDs or other injuries. So, if you are looking for credible heavy load suppliers, then rely upon the name of Oimtec. The company specializes in manufacturing as well as designing the component assembly along with ground support mover. Oimtec also specializes in customizing automated mobile systems and logistics mobile robots. The main product line at Oimtec is air cushion mover and mecanum wheel acclaimed to be used in military equipment, automobile, electric wind tunnel industry, general manufacturing, and railway locomotive manufacturing.

    Oimtec backs up its customers with strong advantages in the designing, manufacturing along with the development of the customized product line with rich projects and related cases. The company is a renowned experience wealthy with an excellent reputation in a full range of R&D on affordable costs. All the products offered by Oimtec run on a high precision test and then deliver to its customers, which ensure quality control.

    Oimtec specializes in manufacturing and designing 0.5-1400t air cushion and mecanum wheel movers for in-house. The company is an acclaimed name as wheel mover manufacturer and has sold 500 vehicles and more in past eighteen years proving that the assistance from the company has a decade of experience.

    For further information, visit http://www.oimtec.com/index.php/en/

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