• T. DeWayne Moore and Profile picture of robvyerobvye are now friends 1 year, 9 months ago

    • This…… IS DOPE AS FUCK!!!

      • I didn’t see this site until tonight. You ganna tell me… of all people… there is a social media website excessively for acoustic blues “players” and I’m allowed post!!!

        • I’m going to guess not for long if you insist on expressing yourself through vulgarity, but I’m only guessing and not on the, what I’d hope is a, board of individuals that makes such decisions. Some FB groups related to the blues are ruled by a single overlord who can ban anyone at anytime for anything despite having a clearly defined set of rules that should preclude such demagoguery. That said, if I were on such a board and I was forced to provide an opinion on vulgarity, I would say that Mr. Vye is a very passionate individual about the theme of this forum, and I’m sure that his excitement and unfamiliarity led to these missteps. I would say that he will act appropriately in the future and we have nothing to worry about from this man.

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